Witness to a Broken Heart

They call it vaguebooking, these status updates that beat around the bush.  "Hurting" and "feeling sad" hint at heartbreak.  "Back home = bittersweet" indicate upheaval. 

Check in at yoga; "feeling better."
Check in at salon; "taking care of myself."
Check in at coffee shop; "missed my old hangout."
Check in at sushi restaurant; "friends are the best!"

I don't send a virtual hug or emoticon or comment and ask, "Is there anything I can do?", because I don't really know you.  I can't even remember how we became "friends".  You dated somebody I know but haven't seen for ages, yet I see you almost every morning in my feed. 

I was happy for you when you posted pictures of your newest boyfriend - ex-boyfriend? Pictures of your matching beers at the soft opening of a microbrewery; check-ins at various airports and restaurants on your romantic getaway weekend.  But I never commented then, so why would I comment now?

I find myself thinking about you these last few days.  I wonder, what happened?  What went wrong with Mr. Right? With your dream job at the winery? When you're ready, you'll share.  Not in a straightforward post answering all of my questions, but in updates and status changes.  You'll change your status to single, your location back to your hometown, and you'll post pictures of your parent's dog.  Maybe you'll check in at the local college campus for an enrichment class or two, providing a hint of what you plan to do next.

In the meantime, I bear witness to your endings and beginnings, my vague friend. You're starting from scratch, and I'll watch you rise again.


Summer Rogers said...

what an interesting way to look at facebook. I love it. It made me frown and smile all at the same time. I guess kind of like what fb does too.


Kim said...

Well put. I feel this way too about so many "friends" on Facebook.