grilled peaches

this is not a food blog, though for a while i did consider starting one.  i also fantasized about writing a cookbook until i realized it would hardly be a book at all.  more like a pamphlet.  actually, i could condense all my cooking instructions to a sticky note.  it would look something like this:

meat: coat with salt and pepper.  grill, broil, pan fry, or brown and braise.
vegetables: chop, dice, or slice.  steam, serve raw, or rub with coconut oil, salt, and pepper and grill or bake.

the title of my cooking sticky note could be "k.i.s.s. the cook".

i like to keep it simple in the kitchen.  i like to taste the real flavor of the food i'm cooking.  grilled peaches (and nectarines) taste like summer. they're like pie without the crust and the sweltering hot kitchen.  they're so good, i lick the plate when they're gone. 

get some while they're hot.

grilled peaches: slice in half and remove pits.  put some coconut oil in your palm and rub your hands together to melt it, then gently massage the peaches to coat them with oil.  grill both sides for a few minutes.  enjoy.


Dawn Suzette said...

That sounds like my kind of cookbook.
I just finished finally cleaning out my recipe box after a year and a half of not using most of them. Kinda weird it took me this long and kinda weird to clean them out!
Grilled peaches look yummy!

Amy said...

we cook out of the same pamphlet, but i think we knew this.

i just reorganized my recipe binder and typed out all my chicken scratch recipes. since none have more than 4 ingredients and two steps i was done in one evening.

and, i know it's not a food blog, but when you want to share the citrus vinaigrette, feel inclined.


beth lehman said...

i have eaten grilled peaches, but never made them myself. as luck would have it the peach season here is lingering...!!