keep it simple, stupid. 

an acronym discovered in a survival manual.  a survival method in itself. 

i crave simplicity.  it's crucial to my survival. yet i tend to complicate things.

for example:

i've wanted to begin a new blog for years now, but i've complicated the process.

what do i call my blog?
how should i arrange the sidebar?
what picture do i use for my header?
what do i do with my old blog?
will my followers follow my move?

"keep it simple, stupid," i tell myself.  don't name your blog.  forget the sidebar and header.  say goodbye to your old blog and give your friends directions to your new blog.  above all else, write.

"write like a motherfucker," advises sugar.

so that's what i'm going to do.  simply write like my life depends on it, because  i think it might. 


Debi said...

I followed your old blog for a long time and have missed your posts. I'm glad you are back and I look forward to reading your new blog.

patricia said...

Hello, spacious new blog!

I do hope you take Sugar's advice, Molly, especially if it means that you will be writing *here* more often, because I have missed your singular voice.

(Don't you adore Sugar? My other favorite quote of hers is "Don't internalize the crackpottery of others." Because it is useful sentiment, and because "crackpottery" is such a fantastic word.)

Sending a virtual posy on your blogwarming. I hope you are happy here, and I plan to visit on a regular basis. xo.

Jane Cisneros said...

The possibilities are endless ... enjoy the journey and thanks for sharing!

Molly said...

thank you, debi, for visiting me here and there. I'm glad to be back!

Molly said...

thank you for the posey and the wonderful word from sugar! yes, I do adore her. I keep her book in my writing basket as a talisman.

Molly said...

sometimes those endless possibilities are the roadblock to simplicity! thank you, Jane, for following my move.

Pam said...

Looking forward to the words you share.

RW said...

Hey Molly.
Glad I found you here. Looking to hearing more from you.

Lori said...

happy new blog, friend. :)

backburner said...

I've been reading your other blog for years because you are a lovely writer. I've never left a comment, but I wanted to let you know that folks will indeed follow you to your new space. Thanks for your pretty words and interesting thoughts

Sarah-Lou said...

I always think of the Nike slogan...just do it...well done, and yes, we will follow x